If you do not like or share my post, I won’t mind. If you choose not to let me know how much it makes you feel warm or how many times you read through it, I won’t bother. As long as my written pieces will sooth your soul and will bring hopes to you, I will write. I promise, I will write.


They have written so many poems and songs on you. They have beautified you everytime they wrote. I won’t do any such things. I will just thank you for being there, for bringing me peace. I will envy your freedom to sit silently as long as you want and fly recklessly on your wish. I love the way how you fly in the evening without any fear or hesitation and in the afternoon how you sit peacefully on this rope for hours. You never get anxious because of my phone’s camera or by the sound of my footsteps, you just continue to be you. You never hurry for any con call or do not panic thinking of the last time when you buzzed a little louder than usual. I wish I could be as content as you, I wish I had a choice to be myself everyday.

A cup of tea..

On a stressful day I would like to end my day with a cup of tea.

If it is the month of September, then a cool breeze will touch our eyelashes in the soft afterglow.

As soon as I will sip the essence of boiled tea leaves filled with your warm presence,

Holding your arm in one hand and holding the tea cup in another, I will find peace.

We will not utter a word, we won’t have any.

We will know each other’s every day, every moment, every tear and every smile.

Still we won’t get bored or will not feel lost.

We will be happy in that silence.

We will watch the sunset together, we will steal a moment from life.

The sound of sipping tea from the cup will be our solace, 

The smell of steaming laal cha mixed with your fragrance will be my heaven.


দিনগুলো এখন যেন বর্ষার কালো মেঘে ঢাকা,
শুধু মন খারাপের বৃষ্টি আর গোমড়া মেঘ।
ঘরে বসে খিচুড়ি খাচ্ছি আর টিভি দেখছি বটে,
মাঝে মাঝে আলসেমি তে ডুবে থাকতে বড্ডো ভালোও লাগছে।
পড়াশোনা, কাজ কর্ম সব বাড়ি বসেই  করছি,  রোজকার বাসের বাঁদর ঝোলানি নেই, অটো পাওয়ার কিচ -মিচ নেই, রোজই যেন ‘রেইনি ডে ‘ ডিক্লেয়ার হয়েছে।
তবে যখন এই জুলাই  টাও এইভাবে কেটে গেলো,  তখন কিরম যেন একটা গুরুতর মন খারাপ চেপে বসছে মনের মধ্যে।
পুজোর সময় বাংলার বাইরে বসে নীল আকাশ আর পেঁজা তুলোর মত মেঘ দেখেও বোধহয় এরম মন খারাপ হতো না কখনো।


Someone has beautifully said, safar khub surat hai.. manzil se bhi..
This may sound quite poetic but it’s the ultimate truth of life. Life is in the journey, not in the destination. Still we worry about the destination more than the journey itself.
We focus on the final exam, not on the daily class. Yet daily learning is the only thing that stays. We forget examination marks after one, two or some more years. But, we remember the random thing that our favourite teacher told us in a lecture. And that helps us to deal with a real struggle.
We are always anxious about reaching somewhere. If there is nowhere to go finally, if there is nothing to achieve. Then what do we search for throughout our entire lives? What is the rush that never lets us stop for a while to feel the moment?
As soon as we achieve something, we forget it. When we reach our destination, we satisfy our desires and we erase it from our bucket list. We don’t value that thing anymore, for which we had spent thousands sleepless nights and prayed to almighty so hard! Our attention shifts to a different task, to another achievement, to the next destination. Counting achievements may bring pride but the innocent smile that curves between the lips, is because of the moments that we have in the journey.
If we are running after something because we think our lives will be set after getting that very thing. Then we are on the wrong track. Life never gets set, until it becomes a straight line without any crest. At last, the journey is the only thing that remains with us. Nothing else!
We should have a journey that goes on! We should take a never ending route and leave footprints as long as we walk!


We are fighters, fighting our own battles. But how strong we are, we can’t make it everyday. We need days to run away, we need days to hide. We all are escapists on some days. Perhaps that is why we find solace in poetry, we get lost in the stories and search for answers in music. We hold on to all those little things that can take us away from our reality. We find home in fictions and we sleep in the land of melody. We embrace everything that can give us an escape.

কতদিন হয়ে গেলো

কতদিন রেঁস্তোরার ধোঁয়া ওঠা এক প্লেট বিরিয়ানি দেখিনি,
কতদিন গরম চায়ের ভাঁড়ে চুমুক দিতে দিতে রাস্তার লোক গুনিনি।
কতদিন কাগজের টুকরোতে একটা প্রজাপতি বিস্কুট মুড়ে আনিনি,
কতদিন হাত ধরে রাস্তা পেরোইনি তোমার সাথে।

বাসের জানলায় মাথাটা হেলিয়ে ইয়ারফোনে গান শুনিনি কতোকাল,
ময়দানে বসে সাদা বক উড়ে যাওয়া দেখিনি কতো বিকেল।
কফি হাউসের অলিতে গলিতে আমাদের পা যুগল হাঁটেনি কতদিন,
বসন্তের দিন গুলো কতো যুগ হলো শহরে ফেরেনি।

যতো বিস্বাদ যেন ঢেলে দিয়ে গেছে কেউ পিচ রাস্তায় আর মোরামের বাঁকে,
সুখ গুলো নেই আর আমাদের আনাচে কানাচে।
ঝালমুড়ি, বাদাম ভাজা আর সবুজ ঘাস গুলোকে বড্ডো সস্তা ভেবেছিলাম বোধহয়,
তাই আর খোঁজ পাই না সচরাচর আমাদের মুখোশের আড়াল থেকে।
প্রজাপতি ধরতে যাইনি বলে ফুল বোধহয় রাগ করেছে,
তাই আর দেখা পাইনা রাস্তা ঘাটে ঝুড়ি ভর্তি বেলির মালার।


When we see the moon in the night sky, we notice that its light is spread to some extent around it. The light forms a circular layer around the moon, as if the moon’s glow has reached that radius only. We see the sky is dark beyond that glowing sphere. But it is not the truth. Moon’s light is not limited to that radius. It reaches to our roofs, it touches our skins, it walks our journeys with us. This is how love is. We see it glowing in a small segment. But slowly it gets spread everywhere and lights every dark corner within us.

An evening

I don’t know if it was about the horizon or the sky, I don’t know if it was the blue or white, I don’t know if the soil or the trees what made me stand still. I don’t know what was the reason behind my smile then, I don’t know what took me to this end, I don’t know why I inhaled a deep breath. I just know that there was some magic that I wanted to capture, there was something in that evening to preserve…